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Who We Are

Ingersoll Support Services provides individualized support to people in our community. A brochure describing the organization can be found here. By individualized we mean that our service is as uniquely designed as each person we support. A description of the way in which we do this can be found here.  We provide support to people who have been traditionally labeled developmentally disabled. Recognizing that each person is unique means that the idea of disability is marginalized rather than the person "with a disability" being marginalized. We recognize the inherent dignity and value in each human being.

The organization has existed in Ingersoll, Ontario (originally as ICDHA) for the past 40 years. We are led by a community-based Board of Directors and funded by charitable donations by the community, and the citizens of Ontario through the transfer payments from the Ministry of Community and Social Services. A video providing a brief orientation to Ingersoll Support Services can be found here.

Ingersoll Support Services is widely known as ISSI. The final "I" in our name stands for Inc., or incorporated. Incorporation has the common connotation of a legal company. However, to be incorporated primarily means to include, mix, blend, or join with other members of a collective. Ingersoll Support Services Inc. exists to form a common collective that intends to promote communities where all people can be included and incorporated as vital, contributing members.